Utterly Incredible

If the future wasn’t inherently uncertain then every decision that we ever make would be easy. We’d know exactly which employee to hire, which house to buy, which meal to eat, which hand to fold, which pension plan to invest in, which route to take to work, which boy to kiss, which horse to bet on and what’s inside the box. Life would be very different. Fundamentally, unrecognisably so in fact. Tragically, or fortunately, this is not the world we live in. Continue Reading »

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Becoming a Professional Poker Player

If someone had come up to me at the age of 22 and said that by the age of 33 I’d be the host of a poker TV show I would have thought it a pretty poor prediction. I was about to have my first film as a writer produced by Film four alongside other projects that I had co-written which were being produced by Columbia Tri-star and Miramax.

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Risk Taking in Poker Business and Life

The future is uncertain. For all of us. Hopefully one of the positive things that we all might take from the “current financial crisis” is the numinous truth of that thought. Perhaps understanding that even the money we have sitting on deposit in our current accounts is not 100% safe will serve us all well in the long run.

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